Liquid Agency Brand Marketing

Silicon Valley Innovation now
available in Europe.

Liquid was started in Silicon Valley, where we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative companies in the world. From this experience we’ve developed fresh new methodologies that allow us to transform brands from the inside out, and now that we have an office in the UK, we’re able to deliver highly effective branding programs to amazing clients all over Europe.

The world is on your doorstep – say hello!

Geographical boundaries are not as important as they used to be, and they are certainly no longer a barrier to doing business in multiple regions. Our clients have global footprints and need to engage their customers in multiple geographies. Although a company’s headquarters may be in the US, more and more often their customers are in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, etc. This is the reason that Liquid is expanding its own footprint, and opening up offices that allow us to service clients across the globe.

Welcome to Liquid Europe.
Our team in Europe comprises experienced brand thinkers and talented creatives who deliver across all of Liquid’s service sets, including Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Digital Branding and Brand Environment design – using our proven methodologies and the techniques that we use across all of our offices to guarantee a seamless experience for all of our clients. This also gives us the opportunity to work with European-based companies who want to take advantage of our Silicon Valley heritage and inject some of the innovative spirit that has helped us launch many successful product and corporate brands.

The best of both worlds.
Liquid works in an extremely collaborative manner – we pool our talent and experience from across all of our offices to deliver the best possible strategic thinking and creative execution to our clients. This flexible working model ensures that our clients benefit from a local presence that understands the cultural nuances and market dynamics of a particular region, supported by a talent resource from across the globe with many areas of specialization and expertise.

We deliver Logic + Magic
So, if you’re a US-based company that is merging with a European company, or if you are a European company seeking to penetrate the US marketplace – you can count on Liquid to help you accomplish your goals using the latest design thinking methodologies while leveraging years of experience in the field. At the same time, if you are a European company seeking to create a more effective branding program, or simply needing to revamp your packaging or website, our European office is here for you, ready to deliver high quality strategic and creative services – or, as we like to describe deliver the potent blend of Logic and Magic that you should expect from an amazing company.