Liquid Agency Brand Marketing

The innovative spirit of Silicon Valley
is now available in Latin America.

MagiaLiquid, our new office in Santiago, Chile allows us to offer strategic and creative solutions to clients across the entire Latin American region, and beyond. Many of our clients have global footprints and need to engage their customers in multiple geographies. Although a company's headquarters may be in the US, more and more often their customers are in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, etc. which is the reason we're expanding our global reach. MagiaLiquid is a fully integrated operation that works collaboratively with our US and EU offices to transform brands from the inside out, and help us export the culture of innovation that we have learned in Silicon Valley.

Bienvenido to MagiaLiquid.
Although we have a global perspective and understand the design needs of global brands, our clients also get the benefit of a team that understands the culture, language and aesthetic sensibilities of the Latin American region. Our local team goes by the name of MagiaLiquid and is made up of experienced brand strategists and talented creatives who deliver across all of Liquid's service sets, including:

We offer deep expertise in the development of brand strategies, naming, logos and completely integrated brand identity programs. Additionally, we also offer a comprehensive inside out branding approach - which means that we're equally concerned about ensuring that the brand influences internal audiences as well as external ones.

Our architectural practice embraces the symbiotic relationship between architecture, branding, design and art, always putting the user experience as the genesis of the project. This approach has enabled us to design award winning exhibitions, retail installations, as well as buildings and products.

Corporate websites. Digital marketing. Mobile apps. Intranets. Videos. Games. Social Media. E-commerce sites. The list of how we can connect with customers and each other in the digital ecosystem continues to grow — and our digital teams have the expertise to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Today consumers have less time, they are more informed, and they're more demanding than ever. They are looking for companies to provide them with richer and more convenient brand experiences - and that's where we can help. Service design is the process of working collaboratively with our clients to improve the economic, social and environmental impact of their products and services - and create truly differentiated experiences that make the brand come to life in unique, memorable and delightful ways.

The best of all worlds.
Liquid works in an extremely collaborative manner — we pool our talent and experience from across all of our offices to deliver the best possible strategic thinking and creative execution. This flexible working model ensures that our clients benefit from a local presence that understands the cultural nuances and market dynamics of a particular region - while being supported by a talent resource from across the globe with many areas of specialization and expertise.

We deliver Logic + Magic
So, if you're a US-based company that is merging with a company in Latin America, or if you are a Latin American company seeking to penetrate the US marketplace — you can count on us to help you accomplish your goals using the latest design thinking methodologies while leveraging years of experience in the field. At the same time, if you are a Latin American company seeking to create a more effective branding program, or simply needing to revamp your packaging or website, MagiaLiquid is your local resource, ready to deliver high quality strategic and creative services — or, as we like to describe deliver the potent blend of Logic and Magic that you should expect from an amazing company.