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When Marty speaks, people listen.

A lot of people know that Marty is an amazing writer. But that’s not all he can do. He’s also a great speaker. Marty has delivered many inspirational lectures and presentations at conferences and meetings worldwide. He is an engaging presenter who offers compelling and relevant insight on subjects that include branding, design, business and innovation.

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Here's a sample video of Marty. Take a look.

Take a peek at one of Marty's presentations. Over the years Marty has transformed himself from an award winning designer to a celebrated writer whose books have received accolades from the likes of Seth Godin, Clement Mok, Guy Kawasaki, Tom Peters and others. Today, he is also an inspirational speaker, who delivers keynote presentations at conferences and corporate meetings worldwide. Here’s a video from one of his recent presentations.

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How to build a culture of nonstop innovation.

According to Marty Neumeier “design thinking” needs to replace “spreadsheet thinking” and business needs to embrace rapid prototyping while eliminating the fear of failure. In this lecture Marty explains how design thinking is transforming the way that companies are run and the way that products are developed.

“If you wanna innovate – you gotta design, it’s that simple.”

The current market of FREE, PERFECT and NOW is forcing companies to completely rethink their approach to product development. Companies have been getting better and better at a management model that’s getting “wronger” and “wronger”.

In this lecture, Marty outlines clear strategies for changing the whole organization from the inside out – and transform your business into an innovation factory.

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May 19, 2011 Amsterdam, The Netherlands DMI Design, Management Europe 15
Mar 01, 2011 Palo Alto, California Liquid Brand Summit
Dec 10, 2010 Chicago, Illinois Kraft Foods “Imagine the Possibilities”
Oct 01, 2010 Auckland, New Zealand Better by Design
Sep 21, 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada Brand ManageCamp 2010
Sep 03, 2010 Brighton, UK dConstruct 2010
May 04, 2010 Dead Sea, Jordan Amandla Forum
Mar 22, 2010 Leon, Mexico COFOCE Innovation Conference
2009 Palo Alto, California Stanford University
2009 Vienna, Austria Great Place to Work
2009 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Harvard Brasil Conexao
2009 Toronto, Canada Design Thinking & Innovation
2008 Chatham Bar, MA Reebok Blue Sky 2010
2008 New York, New Yorkk Google B2B Marketing Forum
2008 Zagreb, Croatia Croatia Innovation Day
2008 Bloomington, Illinois State Farm Brand Day
2007 Denver, Colorado AIGA Colorado
2006 Charlotte, North Carolina Branding & Creative Thinking Conference

“A well-managed brand is the lifeblood of any successful company—and Neumeier shows us exactly how to do it.”

Tom Kelley
General Manager, IDEO
Author of The Art of Innovation

“Neumeier introduces us to the aesthetics of management. THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY makes a great contribution to our understanding of design as a core business competence.”

Dean of the Rotman School
of Management

University of Toronto, Author of The Design of Business

“Here’s a practical field guide on how to create and grow a world class brand, so no more
excuses—start zagging”

Kip Knight
Marketing Vice President, eBay

“Clearly articulates how and why design is absolutely fundamental to the success of business today. Chock-full of great insights.”

Thomas Lockwood
PhD President, Design Management Institute