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Marty's books make for great reading. Or you can watch the video.

Most brand books are written about theories and offer hundreds of pages of case studies to prove their points. Most don't tell you how to actually solve your brand problems. Marty Neumeier's books are different. Each presents problems as well as the techniques to solve them clearly and simply.

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How to build a culture of nonstop innovation. The complex business problems we face today can't be solved with the same thinking that created them. Instead, we need to start from a place outside traditional management. Design thinking – not spreadsheet thinking – is the management tool that will transform your company into a powerhouse of nonstop innovation.
Reviews: "No filler. No fluff. Marty Neumeier has distilled his message on innovation and design down to just the good stuff. Read the whole book on your next flight, and arrive with fresh insights ready to share."
Tom Kelley
General Manager, IDEO

"In another short but very sweet book, Neumeier introduces us to the aesthetics of management. THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY makes a great contribution to our understanding of design as a core business competence."
Roger Martin
Dean of Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
The No.1 strategy for high performance brands. In an age of me-too products and instant communication, keeping up with the competition isn't a winning strategy. Today you have to out-position, out-maneuver, and out- design them. Discover radical differentiation – the number one strategy of high-performance brands. The new rule? When everybody zigs, zag.
Reviews: "You already know that this book has the best title of any marketing book in a generation. What you don’t know is the details of the Intrusiveness Death Spiral and what to do about it. This little book ought to help. A lot."
Seth Godin, Author of Small Is the New Big
"Never has one author jammed so many good ideas into so few pages."
Al Rie, Author of The Origin of Brands
"The presentation alone is worth the price of the book."
David A. Aaker, Author of Brand Portfolio Strategy
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How to bridge the distance between business strategy and design. Using the visual language of the boardroom, Neumeier presents the first unified theory of branding – a set of five disciplines that help companies bridge the gap between brand strategy and implementation. If you already have a grasp of branding, you'll find new inspiration in the book. If you don't and wish you did, by the time you're done reading this book, you'll "get it."
Reviews: "This is not just another book on brand. This is the only book you’ll need to read in business engineering, or design school."
Clement Mok
Design Entrepreneur

"A pleasure to read. THE BRAND GAP consistently provides deep, practical insights in a light, visual way. Learn about the power of imagery and the role of research in building a heavy-duty brand – without the heavy-duty reading."
David A. Aaker
Author of Brand Portfolio Strategy
Brand Strategy + Design Thinking = Transformation Brand expert Marty Neumeier presents concepts from his three bestselling "whiteboard" books to give you the tools you'll need to thrive in the new economy. Using memorable principles and simple exercises, he'll lead you and your team on a lively journey from traditional business thinking to "designful" thinking. You'll come back to these ideas again and again as you transform you company into a powerhouse of nonstop innovation.
Reviews: "This is an inspiring and excellent DVD. The wisdom and focus I acquired from this video is monumental...The rich information is this video has helped me refocus my business and I am already seeing great results."
Amazon Customer
"The DVD is very inspirational and gives you a quick overview of the main talking points in all three of Marty's previous books and also provides you with loads of exercises you can conduct in your own workshop. This DVD will be part of our new consultants key curriculum in the future."
Amazon Customer