Liquid Agency Brand Marketing

The Liquid WorkFlow™

The best way to create disappointment is not to clarify expectations. That’s why we’ve developed our own process for delivering work that is not only remarkably on target, but also eliminates the kind of surprises that no one appreciates - like the ones that have to do with budget and schedules.

This part of the process involves the various activities leading to the approval for Liquid to proceed with the project.

Here's an outline of the key items:

  • Review the client's RFP/RFQ to gain a clear understanding of the objectives and parameters.
  • Assign senior level resources to manage the response, identifying team and process.
  • Leverage the Liquid Extranet to post comments, share documents, include contact info for key team members.
  • Submit proposal and revise as needed to meet client’s requirements such as, scope, process, budget, legal, etc.

Phase 1:Define. This the first actual phase of the project and it is about learning as much as possible about the situation prior to starting crafting a creative strategy. Included in this phase are such activities as conducting research to learn about the audience and identify a profile for specific segments, analyzing the competitive landscape, evaluating market conditions, understanding key messages, auditing the current brand strategy and execution, etc. Ultimately, we will prepare a Definition Document that outlines our findings and observations, ensuring that we have the background necessary to start developing effective strategies and design solutions.

Phase 2: Develop. This phase involves exploring and refining a variety of directions, and ultimately selecting a final approach. Our standard process includes up to three round of presentations during the Development phase:

Round 1: Exploration 3-5 different directions give us and our clients an opportunity to consider a variety of approaches.
Round 2: Evolution We evaluate the options with our clients, and select a maximum of two directions to evolve further.
Round 3: Refinement Once a direction has emerged as the winner, we apply the approach to the various deliverables within the scope of work - and fine tune the details prior to moving onto production mode.

Phase 3: Deliver. This is the phase when we manage the production of all the final deliverables for the assignment. During this phase we work collaboratively with the vendors involved in the project (i.e. writers, photographers, programmers, printers, fabricators, etc.). Liquid provides all vendor selection and management services, ensuring that the deliverables meet the objectives and requirements - and our exacting standards. This phase is often the most intensive component of any project, and it involves multiple checkpoints with the client throughout the production process.

After projects are completed we like to measure satisfaction levels. We believe that the best way to build long term relationships is to meet or exceed expectations. That’s why we ask our clients to help us evaluate our performance. We conduct an online satisfaction survey and, depending on the project, we also conduct a performance assessment interview. Once we’ve identified areas for improvement, we outline a series of action items designed to help us continue to improve how we service our clients.