Liquid Agency Brand Marketing

Values are important to us. And to you.

Having a clear set of corporate values is important because it provides a guide for our behavior and our approach. We take our values very seriously, and they influence virtually everything we do. Our values make us a better company, and allow us to do better work for our clients.

We strive to be leaders in our industry and do our best to exhibit leadership standards. To us this means exploring new perspectives, providing guidance and advice, and taking responsibility for our actions. Leaders invite people to consider new ideas. Leaders inspire confidence and enable change. We bring this value to bear in the work we do for our clients, and through the initiatives and events that we organize or sponsor to develop thought leadership about brands and branding. We also strive for providing a sense of leadership to the relationships we develop with each of our clients. After all, would you not rather work with a leader?

Creativity is one of our most valued concepts. However, we don’t simply associate it with our design work. Certainly, refreshing creativity is paramount in the design process, but to us that’s table stakes. We believe that exercising fresh thinking about strategic plans is just as important as innovative design. And, sometimes refreshing creativity comes into play when we need to solve a scheduling or budgeting challenge. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to find a new, better way to solve the variety of strategic, design and tactical challenges that our clients face every day. This approach is one of the reasons we’re a better company.

Working smarter is much better than working harder. That does not mean we don’t work hard, because in fact we do. However, we value efficiency a great deal, and we’ve put a lot of effort into building the infrastructure that allows us to do better work faster. Our maximum efficiency value has driven our efforts towards sophisticated web-enabled tools that facilitate our ability to collaborate with clients and vendors. Maximum efficiency has also driven our training programs ensuring that our staff is using the same methodologies and processes. Our focus on maximum efficiency allows us to do more with less, and that allows us to be more competitive and more responsive.

We’re in a service business. As such, the experiences we create with our clients, our employees and our vendors are crucial to our ability to survive and thrive. We think it is important that every touchpoint with our own brand be a positive one. To us, creating a better experience means living up to commitments, being respectful, and checking our egos at the door. It means asking ourselves “what can I do to make sure our client’s life easier?” For example, our commitment to creating better experiences has driven the development of such tools as our Online Satisfaction Survey, which helps us monitor performance satisfaction levels and address areas for improvement.