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Alfredo Muccino's illustrations are used to promote the music of a new band.
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Meet our new ECD
Ken Cook has joined Liquid as our new Executive Creative Director.
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Golden Nail Award
Liquid receives an award for the renovation of its building in San Jose!
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Updated portfolio
We've recently added new work to our portfolio section. Check it out!
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Q&A: Eric Ryan
Read our exclusive Interview with Eric Ryan, founder of Method Home.
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Liquid opens its first office in Europe.
Silicon Valley innovation now available in Europe. Liquid was started in Silicon Valley, where we've had the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative companies in the world. From this experience we've developed fresh new methodologies that allow us to transform brands from the inside out, and now that we have an office in the UK, we're able to deliver highly effective branding programs to amazing clients all over Europe. +Read more
Liquid helps introduce the new Microsoft Office
for Mac 2011.

This time it's different. This was one of the key concepts that Microsoft wanted to get across when introducing the latest version of the Office for Mac suite of products at retail. Liquid helped develop the campaign theme based on the headline "Set your ideas free", and we produced graphics that leveraged the new colorful icons for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Office. The project included a series of merchandising materials to be used at retailers worldwide.
+Read more Liquid teams up with B.o.B. and Adidas to create a MEGA retail campaign.
This was one of the most fun projects we've done in a while. We had the pleasure to collaborate with the amazingly talented B.o.B. on a retail campaign featuring the new MEGA shoes by Adidas Originals. While the ad agency was shooting the TV spot - and another agency was capturing the digital content - we were responsible for all of the photography needed to put together a comprehensive retail campaign that included in-store merchandising and window displays for stores across the country.
+Read more The Olive brand continues to grow and sales reach new records.
We've had the pleasure to work with Olive's management since the company was started - and we're very proud of how well the brand is doing. Today, Olive is considered the leading digital music server brand in the industry - offering a complete selection of products designed to offer superb sound quality at amazing prices. We've been involved in virtually every aspect of the brand, from the strategy to the identity, the packaging to the industrial design - and we love working with the CEO on setting new directions for the company. We keep winning awards for the work, and Olive keeps getting accolades from all the magazines and its loyal fan base...all of which is music to our ears.
+Read more CareerBliss is changing the way you feel about work.
Work should be more fun and more fulfilling. At least, this is the way that CareerBliss sees it - and we agree. That's why we were excited to work with the company and help them develop a strategic vision for their brand. That initial engagement led us to revamp the company's brand identity, and the result was an iconic logo that is as much fun as the people that work at CareerBliss - and after that we worked on a website re-design that brought the identity to life online.
+Read more Liquid helps the Meebo brand evolve.
Meebo, a Silicon Valley startup, initially launched as an Instant Messenger aggregator before companies like Twitter and Facebook became household names. As social media evolved, Meebo led the way with solutions that made it easier to connect and share across social networks, make websites social, and give brands a way to engage with people across the web. As Meebo evolved, the brand needed to as well and Liquid was hired to help. Today, Meebo is aligned for success and reaches close to 200 million people per month worldwide - and continues to grow!
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  Upcoming events

Liquid Brand
Summit 2011.

The premier branding event in Silicon Valley is taking place on March 1, 2011 in Palo Alto. The event is completely sold out, but we'll share the results in a report soon - just subscribe to the blog, and you will be notified.
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FUSE: Design and
Culture / Brand
Identity and

The only conference that focuses on brand strategy, brand identity, and design. This year's theme is Sharing Extraordinary. Sharing stories of brand success and failure, extraordinary design, and its sources of inspiration. April 11-13 in Chicago.
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DMI: Design / Management
Europe 15

Marty Neumeier will be speaking at this two day conference. Topics will include the evolving value of knowledge sharing, and showing how design can make a difference to what we do, and ways to promote it throughout different organizations. May 18-19 in Amsterdam.
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  new faces  
  Mark Shaw
Meet the president of our new Europe office. Mark has over twenty years of industry experience and manages the growth and success of the agency's European operations.
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  Copywriting: Successful Writing for Design, Advertising
and Marketing.

by Mark Shaw
Creating effective copywriting is of vital importance in today's design and communication industries. Mark's book explores the challenges of commercial writing, providing the tools to become a confident and versatile copywriter.
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  The Design of

by Roger Martin
Roger Martin suggests that in today's business models we rely far too exclusively on analytical thinking. To innovate and win, companies need design thinking. The result is innovation and the opportunity to create massive value for companies.
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Liquid Agency is a brand marketing firm delivering a combination of strategic and creative services designed to transform the way that our clients' brands connect with their audiences. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Digital Branding (websites and digital marketing), Packaging, Advertising, Retail Merchandising, and Event Marketing. We strive to create meaningful experiences across every brand touchpoint, enabling our clients to build more relevant relationships with customers, employees, partners and shareholders.
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