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Occasionally you can read about Liquid Agency in the news. It's always fun for us to see our name mentioned in an article, so we thought we'd share a few of the stories with you. Here's a collection of articles that have appeared in online and print publications.

May 27, 2011

Content Magazine: Alfredo Muccino

It's an exciting time in San Jose these days. There seem to be many "who knew" moments popping up like a frantic game of whack-a-mole. Who knew SJEats would bring twice as many patrons as expected and fill all the downtown restaurants on the same night? Who knew that the very cool looking building on South Market, the one that says "Liquid Agency," isn't a washed up ultra-lounge, but really the headquarters of an internationally renowned brand marketing agency boasting a client list that includes the likes of HP, Intuit, Adidas, Microsoft, and Seagate? And who knew that a guy by the name of Alfredo Muccino, whose name alone sounds more at home in Milan during fashion week, is the co-founder of Liquid Agency and lives, works, plays and creates right here in San Jose.

April 04, 2011

Pizarro: Liquid Agency executive to race across India

Alfredo Muccino, the 51-year-old chief creative officer of San Jose brand marketing company Liquid Agency, is embarking on a pretty crazy adventure this week. With two friends, he's taking part in the Rickshaw Run, a 3,000-mile race across India in two motorized rickshaws, three-wheel vehicles commonly used as taxis there. They leave from Cochin in southwest India on Friday and are expected to arrive in the far northeast city of Shillong by April 30.

March 03, 2011

Tech Notebook: As Facebook's brand power rises, where's Apple?

Palo Alto social-networking powerhouse Facebook has become the technology industry's most powerful brand -- at least according to a study this week from two Bay Area firms. Liquid Agency, a downtown San Jose branding firm, and Socratic Technologies, a San Francisco market researcher, ranked tech companies and their products on four factors: awareness, consideration, preference and purchase intent.

December 29, 2010

Nailed It!

Liquid Agency's dramatic modernist facade in the SoFA District was honored with a Golden Nail award for renovation and beautification of a historic structure. Creative director Alfredo Muccino thought they were talking about something else and painted his nails gold to commemorate the occasion.

December 23, 2010

Former adult store's redo wins beautification award.

What a heck of a turn around for a site that was part of San Jose's seedy red light district no so long ago. The Golden Nail award was presented by the committee to Cheif Creative Director Alfredo Muccino at a ceremony in San Jose.

December, 2009

San Jose agency helps varied roster of clients realize Liquid-ity.

Tucked into millions of copies of the next Time and Newsweek magazines will be an accordion insert showcasing Hewlett-Packard Co's laptops and touch-screen computer. It's an example of one of Liquid Agency 's latest projects.

October, 2009

Making London hip again.

Boris Johnson, mayor of London, allegedly wants to rebrand the city and break its association with finance. Three experts offer their advice for making London a happening place.

August, 2008

Advertising agencies follow trail of talent to Portland.

What does Portland's business climate have that you can't find in Chicago, San Jose, Salt Lake City or Boise? A bevy of creative talent and relatively cheap digs. So say leaders at four advertising agencies that have opened offices here in the past 11 months, most of them picking Portland over cities in California and on the East Coast.

February, 2008

Adobe and Amazon Take Top Spots in 2008 Liquid Brand Impact Awards.

The 2008 Liquid Brand Summit, bringing together marketing leaders from the world's best known technology companies, took place yesterday at the Silicon Valley Four Seasons in Palo Alto, CA. Consisting of a full day of closed door sessions, brand marketers engaged in open discussions about the future of branding, focusing on the challenges and opportunities new technologies and communications models pose for today's brands.

Fall 2005

Branding Your Creative Business.

The main strategy in self-promotion is to lead with a concept that stands on its own. "It's our belief that you can think of a brand as a story."

April, 2002

Behind The Design.

What's New and CoolProject: Girl Scouts of Santa Clara County Annual report 2000 designed by Liquid Agency, San Jose.

March-April, 2002

Bruised And Battered Brands.

Liquid Agency, Inc., a technology brand marketing firm in San Jose, Calif., in conjunction with The Sausalito Group, a strategic intelligence company, and Neale-May & Partners, a strategic marketing and communications agency, recently conducted a poll of marketing/communication professionals with high-tech firms to assess the damage done to technology market brands during 2001. The results show that some brands were merely bruised, while others were seriously battered.

February, 2002

Survey:Cisco, Compaq Top Battered High-Tech Brands.

San Jose, CA: Global technology marketing executives are aware that some of their industry’s top brands suffered in 2001, and they’re willing to shoulder some blame, according to results of a new study. “The Bruised and Battered Brands Poll 2001” captures the opinions of more than 700 technology marketers, with respondents ranking the best and worst brand performances for technology companies and high-tech ceo.

January 11 , 2002

Survey of marketing pros says HP and Fiorina have worst brands, while Gates and Microsoft have best.

As if the beatings tech companies have taken on their bottom lines weren't enough, now their images have been bruised and battered, too.

Everything from layoffs and bad earnings to botched mergers last year have soured the way the public views those companies involved, says Donovan Neale-May, president and CEO of Neale-May & Partners in Palo Alto. The marketing firm partnered with two others -- Liquid Agency and The Sausalito Group -- in a study of nearly 1,000 marketing professionals nationwide called "The Bruised and Battered Brands Poll" to determine just how battered company images are.

January 04 , 2002

Road to Recovery.

Bruised and Battered Brands Poll: your marketing peers reveal how tough that road is and the best ways to get there.

By now, we've all heard plenty of talk about how much the industry has changed and how different this year has been for marketing technology. But wouldn't you like to know what your peers think about how to recover from what some call the worst year the industry has had in a decade? Wouldn't you like to know what brands they think have been least diminished and most damaged in the tough economic climate? Look no further.

Adweek Magazines' Technology Marketing has partnered to bring you the answers to similar questions through a survey of the tech marketing community. The "Bruised and Battered Brands Poll 2001" was commissioned by Liquid Agency, a brand marketing firm based in San Jose, and was fielded by The Sausalito Group, a strategic intelligence firm. This magazine is a cooperating partner, along with the American Marketing Association, InfoWorld, @dtech Conference and GlobalFluency, a network of communications firms that includes Palo Alto-based Neale-May & Partners.

January 01 , 2002

Michael Schrage
Survey Says. Questions to ask about our 'Bruised Brands.'

I like surveys; I like polls. It's interesting—if not always useful—to know what people are thinking. Or, rather, to know what people say they are thinking. How can anyone dislike surveys where Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are roundly championed and hotly dismissed as both Best and Worst CEOs?

December 31, 2001

Hype Hurts.

Financial losses and stock price depreciation were top causes for technology brand erosion this year, buth the level of industry "hype" came in a close third, according to the 2001 Bruised and Battered Brands Survey. The survey which includes responses from more than 600 marketing communications execs at technology companies, finds that although the exaggerated claims behind the industry were a big part of what hurts most brands, public relations is still the best way to build demand for them in a tight economy.

December 29, 2002

Technology Brands Take a Beating.

A recent study conducted by marketing shops Liquid Agency and Neale-May & Partners found that 80 percent of respondents "strongly agree" that the economic downturn has hurt technology brands. Alfredo Muccino, creative director at San Jose, Calif.-based Liquid Agency, said he was disappointed by the finding. "We believe in brands and believe that brands enable people to go through tough times," Muccino said. "What this really meant to us is that technology companies haven't quite got branding down yet--the concept of branding [for them] is a little younger than in other industries."

December 27, 2001

Digits: Gambits & Gadgets. In the World of Technology
What's in a Brand?

Carly Fiorina, chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Co., took two top prizes in a recent branding survey. But it is unlikely H-P will tout the study. In an online survey of 800 marketing, communications and advertising executives, Ms. Fiorina took first place as the technology CEO who most damaged or compromised the company's brand in 2001. Second place went to Oracle Corp.'s Larry Ellison, and Bill Gates of Microsoft Corp. was in third. Illustrating the deep division of opinion about Ms. Fiorina and H-P's strategy, though, she also showed up in the survey's list of Top 10 bestCEOs. There, too, Mr. Ellison ranked No. 2 while Mr. Gates took top honors.

"Some people believe that CEOs who make news are good for the company," said Donovan Neale-May, president of Neale Partners, which helped put the survey together. "There are those who see that as an asset and those who see them as a liability."The survey asked marketing, communications and advertising professionals at technology companies for their opinions on technology brands and was conducted from Nov. 19 to Nov. 30. H-P, Palo Alto, Calif., also took top honors in the category of which company has done the worst at maintaining brand value during the past year. Compaq Computer Corp., which H-P is trying to buy in a $25 billion stock swap, placed second.

December 27, 2001

Fiorina mars HP's image, survey says.

Don't expect the results of a recent survey on technology company chief executives to show up on Carly Fiorina's resume anytime soon.

More than 800 tech marketing executives in 17 countries voted the Hewlett-Packard chief--enmeshed in a much-maligned bid to absorb Compaq Computer--to the top of the list of CEOs who most harmed their brand in the past year, according to a poll conducted by marketing specialists Liquid Agency and Neale-May Partners.

December 24, 2001

Big VC spending detours away from Sand Hill Road.

Don't expect the results of a recent survey on technology company chief executives to show up on Carly Fiorina's resume anytime soon.

What's in a name?
When it comes to branding, it's all about the CEO. A recent study by Liquid Agency, The Sausalito Group and Neale-May & Partners interviewed 700 marketing professionals and found that CEOs had the most power to shape the public's perception of that company.

December 20, 2001

Sound Off:
Has Overzealous Marketing Hurt Technology Brands.

You might not expect marketing people to blame declines in brand value of technology companies on industry hype, but a recently released survey does just that. Sausalito, Calif.-based Liquid Agency, a "strategic brand marketing" consultancy, and Neale May and Partners asked more than 800 marketing professionals if they thought technology brands had taken a beating during the current economic downturn. The marketers responded with an overwhelming yes: 80 percent ranked their agreement at 4 or above on a scale of 1 to 5.

December 19, 2001

Survey reflects topsy-turvy year for tech brands.

High-tech is undergoing the largest "brand recession" in its decades-old history - so much so that a recent industry survey is actually called "The Bruised and Battered Brands Poll 2001."

December 18, 2001

Some tech brands battered this year.

WASHINGTON, December 18 (UPI) -- In addition to an economic slump, many top technology companies have taken a dive in the reputation of their brand identity, according to a poll released Tuesday by Liquid Agency, a California technology marketing firm.

December 18, 2001

Survey: Tech CEOs are hurting brands.

SAN FRANCISCO--Marketers blame Hewlett-Packard Co. Chief Executive Carly Fiorina and other technology leaders known for controversy for bruising the brand value of the companies they lead, a survey published on Monday showed.

December 18, 2001

Who's "Bruised and Battered" In 2001.

A new report out Monday says 2001 was high-tech's biggest "brand recession" ever and that some companies must regain trust of marketplace and focus on customers if they plan on being around at the end of 2002.

December 17, 2000

PR viewed as best hope in resuscitating tech brands.

Over 500 technology marketing professionals took part in the online poll, which was conducted in association with Neale-May & Partners, GlobalFluency, and The Sausalito Group. Most of the respondents, 83%, were from corporations, with 17% from agencies.

December 17, 2001

CEOs struggle to keep the brand alive.

As if Santa Clara, Calif.-based HP's embattled CEO didn't have enough to deal with regarding the Compaq merger, a survey to be released Monday has pegged Fiorina as the CEO to drag a corporate brand down furthest, while HP itself tops the list as the worst maintained IT brand.

Entitled "The Bruised and Battered Brands Poll 2001," the survey comes at a time when a sour economy has encouraged the so-called "flight to brand quality" by IT management. Yet according to the 700 marketing executives polled across 17 countries, that doesn't mean an equal rise in brand image.

December 17, 2001

HP, Compaq, Cisco top survey's 'battered brands'

San Jose, Calif.--Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp. and Dell Computer Corp. are the three leading technology companies that have maintained brand value in 2001, according to the "Bruised and Battered Brands" survey released by technology brand strategy company Liquid Agency Inc. On the flip side, Hewlett-Packard Co., Compaq Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc. were identified as the three technology companies that have done the worst job of maintaining brand value this year.

December 17, 2001

New Survey Reveals Reasons, Recovery Strategies, and Rankings in Tough Year For Technology Brands.

In terms of representing their corporate brands, some CEOs elicited both good and bad reactions, suggesting that CEO brand visibility can lead to strong positive or negative brand swings (or both). For example, Microsoft's Bill Gates and Oracle's Larry Ellison clearly are polarizing the industry, with both executives ranking among the top three CEOs who best personify their companies' brands and that most compromised their brands in 2001.

December 17, 2001

How Gates, Microsoft rate in battered-brands study.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and arch rival Larry Ellison of Oracle best represent their companies' respective brands, say 800 marketers in a poll set for release today.

But Gates and Ellison, along with Hewlett-Packard's Carly Fiorina, are also among the three corporate leaders who most damaged their brands. That's according to "Bruised and Battered Brands," a study by San Jose, Calif. brand-marketing firm Liquid Agency Inc. and three other marketing firms.