Liquid Agency Brand Marketing

February, 2002


San Jose, CA: Global technology marketing executives are aware that some of their industry's top brands suffered in 2001, and they're willing to shoulder some blame, according to results of a new study. "The Bruised and Battered Brands Poll 2001" captures the opinions of more than 700 technology marketers, with respondents ranking the best and worst brand performances for technology companies and high-tech ceos. Among the highlights: 80% of respondents strongly agreed that the industry down turn has hurt technology brands with financial losses and stock depreciation, but they also acknowledge that industry hype and some terrible business decisions are major causes as well; most see that public relations, brand advertising and customer relationship management are key elements in protecting a brand in a downturn; they rank IBM, Microsoft and Dell as tops at maintaining brand value in 2001 while Cisco, Compaq and HP were rated worst. The poll was fielded online in November by The Sausalito Group, a strategic intelligence firm, with cooperation from Liquid Agency, Neale-May & Partners, the American Marketing Association, InfoWorld, Technology Marketing Magazine, and others. Complete results are available online. Contact:

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