Liquid Agency Brand Marketing

April, 2002 - International Design Annual


What's New and CoolProject: Girl Scouts of Santa Clara County Annual report 2000 designed by Liquid Agency, San Jose.

Creative Team: Alfredo Muccino, creative director; Lisa Kliman,art director; Sean Baker, Julia Held, Jennifer Larsen and Jeff Gardner, designers; Aimee Marshall, print production; Mark Leet, photographer

Concept: To contrast the prevailing brand perceptions – that the Girl Scouts are about "cookies and camping" – with the realities of this progressive organization

Description: Liquid solicited a variety of in kind donations to make this project become a reality. The participants include Fox River (paper); Linotext (printing); Mark Leet (photography); FCI (scans and digital download); Data Marketing (mailing) and Deborah Espinosa (copywriting).

Software: Photoshop, QuarkXPress

Budget: Pro-bono services and materials worth about $200,000 (actual cost to the Girl Scouts: $5,000)

Challenge: "The Girl Scouts were a delight to work with; however, the budget was virtually nonexistent," Muccino says. "The biggest challenge was coordinating the donations of so many different companies in order to be able to deliver so much value for so little money."

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