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Liquid Agency Announces the Results of the 2001 Bruised & Battered Brands Survey.

Technology marketers worldwide offered their opinions about the technology brands that fared best and worst during 2001, and which CEO's most damaged or helped their brands.

San Jose, Ca (January 1, 2002) - Liquid Agency, a top brand marketing agency providing strategy, design and implementation of comprehensive marketing programs, just released the results of the 2001 Bruised & Battered Brands Survey. The survey was fielded in a collaborative effort with neale-May & Partners and The Sausalito Group, and it polled the opinion of nearly 800 technology marketers worldwide.

The study provides a compelling view of how high-technology marketing executives perceive the damage to technology brands, as well as what they think must be done to recover from one of the worst years on record.

The vast majority of technology marketers agreed that clear, consistent brand communications, a renewed and sincere focus on customer relationships, and a very conscious rebuilding of trust with critical constituencies are all high on their agendas as they look forward to 2002. The Bruised & Battered Brands Poll looks closely at the importance of high-tech CEOs in defining, building and sustaining the brands of their companies. Following a year of shaken confidence, CEOs must play a critical role in rebuilding trust, defining corporate vision and bringing new energy and vitality to their company's brands.

The Bruised and Battered Brands Poll 2001 doesn't pull any punches. The survey provides the top picks of high-tech marketing professionals for the CEOs who most helped and most hindered their brands in 2001. Amazingly, some CEOs show up on both the best and the worst lists. The poll also reveals their choices for the companies whose brands held up the best and whose brands were most compromised during this ground-breaking year.

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