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Mayor of San Jose presents awards to Liquid Agency for Street Smarts Campaign

San Jose, CA - Before a formal ceremony at the San Jose City Council, Mayor Ron Gonzales presented Liquid Agency with a "Partners Award" from the California Transportation Foundation, and with an official commendation from the San Jose City Council for Liquid's role in the development of the Street Smarts campaign.

According to Jim Helmer, Transportation Director for the City of San Jose, "Liquid's role was instrumental in the development and implementation of this innovative program that uses education, in conjunction with engineering and enforcement, to improve safety on San Jose streets."

The ceremony was attended by Scott Gardner, Liquid Agency's President, and by Alfredo Muccino, Chief Creative Director. Mr. Gardner commented: "We are thrilled that our work has contributed to making San Jose a safer and more livable city - and we are honored that the program has received so much recognition locally as well as across the country!"

Street Smarts has received state and national recognition as one of the most successful marketing programs by the City of San Jose. The campaign was awarded the 2004 Pedestrian Project Award for Safety - a national award from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and the Partnership for a Walkable America with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Street Smarts was recognized at the annual meeting and awards dinner in Lake Buena Vista, Florida in July, and will also be recognized in the ITE Journal, an international publication.

In May 2004, Street Smarts was presented with the "Tranny" Award - the top transportation award in the state in the area of community awareness, from the California Transportation Foundation. The award was presented in Sacramento at a luncheon of over 500 transportation officials and legislators. Street Smarts also received an Award of Excellence in the category of Marketing (Population Group 470,000 - 1,400,000), given by the City-County Communications and Marketing Association (3CMA). This awards competition - one of the most prestigious in the U.S. for public sector programs - was created to encourage city and county employees to produce top-notch marketing and communications programs for their citizens. Nearly 700 entries were submitted nationwide.

Liquid Agency has designed a Street Smarts program kit that is available to the transportation department of any city that wishes to adopt it. In the past year, the cities of Cupertino, Danville, Napa and San Ramon, along with Contra Costa County, have all joined the Street Smarts program and have launched the campaign in these areas.

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