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Liquid Agency delivers seminar on how to build sustainable brands to global YPO members.

Beaverton, OR | May 3, 2006 - How can young CEOs build and guide a brand driven organization? That was the question posed to a group of business leaders from around the world that gathered at Nike's world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, for an exclusive Brand Building Seminar sponsored by the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO).

In an interactive session led by Susan Rockrise, the Worldwide Creative Director of Intel Corporation, the group discussed the common characteristics of Brand Champion CEOs and Rockrise shared valuable insights she's gained by working with outstanding leaders like Intel's Andy Grove and Apple's Steve Jobs.

Scott Gardner, President and CEO of Liquid Agency, chaired a workshop on how to define and integrate the brand across the business. The attendees participated in a series of exercises designed to help them get started on building brand driven organizations. "While most CEOs today acknowledge their brand as one of their most valuable assets, they struggle with the practical implications of brand building," said Scott Gardner. In one of the assessment exercises, participants were asked to rank their company against seven key criteria for brand driven organizations.

"The assessment indicates that while most CEOs believe that they express their brand identity consistently, they don't believe they understand or manage all of their brand touchpoints - which is a critical part of successful brand building. A brand is experienced in many, many ways - from the performance of a customer service rep to the content and usability of a website, from the design of a company's products and services to the bill that arrives in the mailbox. CEOs are beginning to realize that it requires a new way of thinking about brand - and a dedication to building an organization of brand ambassadors that live and deliver the brand each day," commented Gardner.

Another finding was not so surprising and reflective of several other studies. That is - that while most CEO's emotionally believe in the brand, they are not financially committing to consistent brand building. Only 25% of event attendees say they make a steady commitment to brand building across multiple departments. 31% say their "brand-spend" is sporadic depending on market conditions and 19% say they don't spend much at all. Additionally, few companies have a process for tracking brand performance and rewarding employee brand behavior. Gardner said, "Taking organizations to the next level of branding is going to require companies to commit financially as well as emotionally to their brands. If you believe in the adage that what is not measured is not managed, I'd say commitment and measurement is an area that the group acknowledges needs a lot work." Fortunately, inspiration for committed brand building surrounded attendees, who spent two days on the Nike campus where that's brand's mission - to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world - was embodied by each employee and at every brand touchpoint.

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