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Brand Marketing Veterans Launch New Agency

Liquid Agency is a Brand Marketing agency focused on technology companies.

San Jose, CA (August 10, 2001) - Alfredo Muccino and Scott Gardner, two well respected branding experts, have joined forces with two other partners to create Liquid Agency, Inc. Based in San Jose, CA. Liquid Agency is focused on delivering brand marketing programs designed to maximize awareness and loyalty. The services of Liquid Agency include brand platform development; brand identity; advertising; packaging; web and interactive services; and marketing communications collateral.

Liquid's staff has quickly grown to 30 employees and the company has secured assignments with some of Silicon Valley's most respected technology companies, including Adobe, and Seagate. The agency has been awarded the brand marketing efforts for Santana Row - a new $1 billion dollar neighborhood that is slated to open in San Jose in 2002 and combines residential, retail, a hotel and numerous restaurants. Liquid has also just completed developing the brand identity and all of the marketing materials for Music in the Park, San Jose's popular summer music series.

The two marketing veterans bring a wealth of experience to Liquid Agency. In 1987 Scott Gardner, Liquid's president, started ImageNetwork - a company that became one of the country's premier promotional marketing agencies specializing in the technology marketplace. Gardner is responsible for agency management, business development, and investor relations at Liquid Agency. Alfredo Muccino, Liquid's Creative Director is one of Silicon Valley's most respected brand identity experts, with over 20 years of experience and dozens of awards. Gardner and Muccino have been working as strategic partners for years and finally they formally combined their experience and launched Liquid Agency.

"With the volatility of today's market, diminishing brand value is becoming a serious concern for many companies. As corporations report poor earnings, bleak forecasts, and budget cuts, many brands are being negatively affected" said Gardner. Gardner adds - "Smart companies are looking for strategies to maintain the brand equity they have worked so hard to build. And that's where we can help. We offer solid strategic thinking, valuable business insight and award-winning creative - all of which is focused on delivering brand centric marketing programs."

According to Muccino, "A brand is more than a logo, a name, and a color palette. In many ways, the brand defines the company, its attitude and its philosophy - and it should influence everything - from product development to distribution; from marketing programs to office environments." "The economy is subject to adjustments," Muccino added, "and so are brands. That's why we chose the name Liquid." According to Muccino, "A liquid will adjust to the shape of any container without changing it's essential qualities, and brands need to be just as fluid in order to remain meaningful. Successful brands will always provide a continuity of experience, as this is the basis of brand loyalty. "

According to the two principals, Liquid will be planning branding events and seminars in the Bay Area in the coming months. Seminar details will be announced soon, he said.

About Liquid Agency Inc.

Liquid Agency, Inc. is a brand marketing agency providing strategy, design and implementation of comprehensive brand marketing programs. Liquid Agency's services include strategic brand development, brand identity, advertising, packaging, Web and interactive services, and all types of marketing communications collateral. Based in San Jose, Calif., Liquid Agency plans to expand its operations to better service clients in San Francisco, New York and Chicago. Current client engagements include projects for Adobe, Lucent, and Seagate. Additionally, Liquid Agency is working on projects for the San Jose Downtown Business Association, The Redevelopment Office for the City of San Jose, and Federal Realty Investment Trust (Santana Row).

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