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Liquid Agency launches the Bruised and Battered Brands Poll 2001

Global Ballot Solicits Opinions on Strategies for Brand Survival and Recovery

Silicon Valley, CA(November 19, 2001)- Marketing professionals around the world can now go online to express their opinions about the market implosion of 2001 and to what degree this has damaged or diminished leading technology brands. Going live November 19, the Bruised and Battered Brands Poll seeks to tap the views of those who manage the image and identities of the world's top technology companies.

The past year has been one of tumultuous change for the technology industry. Layoffs, slow-downs, shake outs, consolidations, mergers, financial failures and precipitous declines in market value have reshaped the brand landscape in the technology industry. Even the most established and trusted names have been tarnished. And young, emerging growth companies face even greater challenges in building confidence and credibility in the marketplace.

The 2001 Bruised and Battered Brands was commissioned by Liquid Agency, a leading technology brand marketing firm based in Silicon Valley and is being fielded by The Sausalito Group, a strategic intelligence firm. Cooperating partners in the poll include the American Marketing Association, InfoWorld, Technology Marketing Magazine, @d:tech Conference and GlobalFluency, The Independent Network of Influence.

The poll invites marketing and agency executives to:

  • Vote on the most tarnished or troubled brands in 2001, and those that remain the most solid and secure.
  • List the most important business issues impacting brand perception
  • Rank the greatest areas of brand vulnerability and exposure
  • Identify best practices for brand survival and sustainability in turbulent times
  • Name the CEOs who most personify or detract from core brand qualities and values
  • Contribute perspectives on how to achieve brand recovery and revival
  • Map requirements for creating the ideal technology brand

About Liquid Agency Inc.

Liquid Agency, Inc. is a brand marketing firm providing strategy, design and implementation of comprehensive brand marketing programs. Liquid Agency's services include strategic brand development, brand identity, advertising, packaging, Web and interactive services, and all types of marketing communications collateral. Based in San Jose, Calif., Liquid Agency plans to expand its operations to better service clients in San Francisco, New York and Chicago. Current client engagements include projects for Adobe, Lucent, and Seagate. Additionally, Liquid Agency is working on projects for the San Jose Downtown Business Association, The Redevelopment Office for the City of San Jose, and Federal Realty Investment Trust (Santana Row).

About The Sausalito Group

The Sausalito Group is a leader in providing senior management with rapid strategic intelligence to help them make faster, more effective decisions. The Sausalito Groups enterprise-wide programs simultaneously yield deeper, more immediate insights into the motivations, needs and wants of customers, employees and prospects. The Sausalito Group's proprietary,on-line technology combines both qualitative and quantitative methodologies that help increase satisfaction, build customer loyalty and create a sustainable competitive advantage. Its instruments have been deployed in more than 27 countries worldwide and currently serve some of the world's leading companies, including NEC, J.P.Morgan Chase, United Airlines, Philips, E*TRADE Group and Palm, Inc.

About Global Fluency

GlobalFluency is a tightly integrated alliance of "like-minded" independent technology marketing and public relations firms delivering strategic' cross-border communications services in the Americas' Europe' Asia-Pacific' Africa and Middle East. Spearheaded by Silicon Valley-based Neale-May & Partners' GlobalFluency consists of more than 35 agencies employing over 250 professionals in 25 countries. Together' these firms represent more than $45 million in billings from scores of clients across all information technology' communications' systems integration and Internet service sectors. For more information, see or call (650) 328-5555 x110.

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