Liquid Agency Brand Marketing

Everyone needs a little style.

Just like people, some brands have style - and some don’t. Having a distinct personality helps brands stand out from the crowd and create an emotional connection with their audiences. But to do it well, you need people that understand design and how to use it.

The right name can make a huge difference. And, in today’s crowded marketplace arriving at a name that is available while being memorable and meaningful in a global setting is quite challenging.

Our naming experts have years of experience guiding companies through the naming process. We have developed corporate names as well as product or service names. On top of that, we’ve also developed the structure for naming architectures.

Our process helps determine whether a name should be descriptive, suggestive, arbitrary, or fanciful, etc. Working collaboratively with our clients we help make naming decisions that will create a positive impact on their brands.

Often, the logo is the most commonly recognized icon of a brand. In a world where brands are proliferating at an ever increasing pace, coming up with a good logo has become harder to do and more important than ever.

A good logo should be memorable and unique, and - ideally - it should help convey some important ideas about the brand it represents. Additionally, in the global and digital economy in which we live, good logos take into account how they resonate with worldwide audiences, and how they translate to the online experience.

This is all stuff that we understand and know how to deliver. So, if you need a new logo, you should really talk to us

As important as the logo is, it is only one of the ways that a brand expresses its personality and becomes recognizable to its audiences. What we call Visual Style, is another crucial component.

The Visual Style is composed of a variety of elements that come together to create the visual language of a brand. They include typography, color palette, illustration and/or photography treatments, layouts, formats and other graphic elements that make a brand immediately distinguishable from its competition - and from anything else, for that matter. Of course, when it is done well, the Visual Style is scalable while being elastic enough to adapt to varying marketplaces and geographies.

Doing all of this is not easy...that’s why smart brands come to Liquid to develop, refine or extend.

Smart brands understand the need and value of consistency. It’s important that the literature in New York is aligned with the packaging used in Bejing or the tradeshow exhibit that was used in Barcelona.

Often, this work is created by local agencies, because it is smart to localize the materials. However, it is also extremely important that a brand have a level of consistency not only across the globe, but also across various vertical markets.

For this reason we develop all sorts of guidelines - from brand guidelines to logo guidelines, to environmental guidelines. These documents provide diverse agencies with a common vision - as well as the tools - that help our clients build strong, consistent brands across multiple disciplines and multiple geos.

Retailers are fond of saying that the package is the product. We’re not sure this is always true. However, we know how to design packages that sell products - and we love doing it.

We’ve worked on many diverse assignments that have included B2B as well as B2C solutions. We’ve developed packaging systems for software products as well as hardware - and we’ve also worked on a fair share of consumer goods products.

We provide a full spectrum of services, from structural engineering and prototyping, to the design and production of the graphics for external packaging. So, if you want thinking that is outside of the box - give us a try. (Sorry could not help ourselves).

The days when we designed lots of brochures are long gone. However, there is still a big need for printed literature - and we know how to deliver pieces that get you excited to turn the pages.

We’ve designed annual reports, catalogs, brochures, datasheets, calendars, postcards - all sorts of small flyers - and quite a few award-winning posters. And, today we also design lots of literature that does not get printed. That’s because many companies are saving money and trees by distributing their literature as a PDFs - which is smart.

We’ve got plenty of experience designing literature knowing that the information may be viewed on screen...or printed from the laser printer at home.

We focus on delivering what we call Brand Advertising. We define this as advertising campaigns designed to build awareness about the brand, communicate brand messages, and inspire brand preference or brand loyalty.

At a small scale we’ve worked on TV and radio spots, however the bulk of our advertising experience lies in delivering integrated campaigns that include a variety of multidisciplinary media, from out-of-home to online, as well as traditional print.