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Here are our latest success stories.

These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

8x8 gets a brand refresh.

8x8 asked Liquid to position the company as a provider of VoIP solutions to the small business market in order to differentiate itself from a growing list of competitors. Liquid delivered a brand strategy, a messaging platform, and a complete brand identity refresh while retaining the existing logo.

The “before”.

In order to understand some of the existing customer perception issues, Liquid worked with 8x8 and conducted an extensive audit of the existing marketing communication vehicles. We evaluated the variety of tools being used to communicate with customers and in the process we realized that the marketing communications materials needed a complete overhaul.

A new visual style.

Liquid leveraged existing brand assets such as the logo and the red color palette – which had established a certain amount of equity within the marketplace – yet we completely evolved the brand language. The new brand identity is highly customer centric, which supports 8x8’s brand platform while projecting a much more sophisticated and contemporary image. The brand identity toolkit includes new typographic standards and a complete photographic library, as well as background patterns and graphic devices. The result is a brand identity system that can adapt to a wide variety of deliverables.

Business system

Liquid updated all of the basic business papers, such as business cards, letterhead, mailing labels, presentation folders and tools, ensuring that the company’s new brand identity was executed consistently across even the most basic of communication tools.

Marketing materials.

Working collaboratively with 8x8, Liquid identified a set of key marcom tools and developed templates to streamline the production of new marketing materials by 8x8’s internal creative services team or their marketing production agencies. The templates included a variety of printed literature, PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, and email marketing tools.

Brand identity guidelines.

In order to ensure that the new brand identity would be executed consistently by the various agencies that 8x8 uses for all of its marketing needs, Liquid developed a comprehensive set of guidelines that explain how to use all of the various brand identity elements.

Photographic library.

Budget constraints made it unfeasible to shoot original photography, as such, we built a photographic library using stock imagery. Liquid’s design team sorted through hundreds of images and arrived at a carefully edited selection. The final images capture the variety of business people that make up 8x8’s customer base, representing finance, real estate, medical, retail and other vertical market sectors.


Obviously, the corporate website is one of the most important ways that customers learn about 8x8 – therefore an important component of any re-branding program. Liquid designed templates for all major pages, helping to shape what is often one of the first experiences that people have with the brand.

Email marketing.

A great deal of 8x8’s marketing is in the form of email campaigns. We developed a series of customizable templates that enable the 8x8 sales and marketing teams to reach potential customers in a very individualized manner.


The brand language is flexible enough to adapt to a great variety of marketing vehicles. We provided 8X8 with designs for a packaging solution that leverages the brand assets, and extends the visual style in the retail environment.