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Here are our latest success stories.

These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

What does a leader look like?

Liquid refreshes the brand identity for All Covered, the leading provider of outsourced IT services for small businesses nationwide.

All Covered: the outsourced IT services leader.

All Covered is the leading provider of comprehensive outsourced IT services for the small business community. As the company grew, it's brand and marketing efforts needed to evolve in order to communicate the company's expanded set of capabilities. The first part of the evolution was a name change that reflected customer feedback and a need to sharpen their image. Next, the company needed to revisit its brand identity. Liquid was asked to evaluate the situation and suggest what changes should be made to build a stronger brand. We conducted an extensive brand evaluation and competitive brandscape analysis, then proceeded to develop a strategic brand platform and a comprehensive brand identity program.

Change is good for business.

All Bases Covered was considered the "quick fix" solution to IT problems. Now, thanks to strategic design, All Covered is recognized as the IT outsource industry leader, moving the brand beyond the realm of "repairmen" into "technology experts".

A simpler logo for a more sophisticated brand.

As part of the new brand identity development, Liquid evolved the logo mark; created a unique and ownable typographic solution for the name; refined the color scheme; and helped the company simplify its tagline.

The brand identity system is more than a logo.

In order to extend the brand identity into a system, Liquid developed a comprehensive visual vocabulary. The main supporting graphic is the “mosaic” - a flexible visual element consisting of various shapes into one grouping - representing the many capabilities of All Covered, and how they work together to create a total solution.

Clear guidelines keep things consistent.

To ensure consistency for all the materials that are being developed across forty offices, Liquid developed a comprehensive set of guidelines. The guidelines provide guidance regarding minimum size, clearspace, color palette, and font usage for both print and online applications.

A complete business stationery system.

A key component of most brand identities is the business system. We created a clean design system that reinforces the brand identity. Templates were provided that allowed the client to localize the information for each of their 40 locations.

The corporate brochure tells the whole story.

In our early interviews we had found that the employees were so unhappy with the old literature that they avoided distributing it. Thus we armed the sales force with a newly branded corporate overview brochure that communicated the expanded capabilities with more sophistication.

Sales brochures focused on specific products.

The literature system was designed to be extended into a series of product specific marketing brochures. Idealized customer portraits and a distinct color palette help to differentiate these pieces while keeping them consistent with the rest of the All Covered materials.

Datasheet templates make life easier.

We provided All Covered with datasheet templates that they could use to easily produce a variety of different versions, giving them the flexibility of printing on demand - and the autonomy to create new ones at will.

The brand is everyone and everywhere.

In extending the new brand identity to all the customer touchpoints we considered the field service technicians as an important point of contact, and designed uniforms and vehicle graphics that reflected the professional qualities of the brand.

Brand building continues even after you leave.

The All Covered Customer Resource materials are left with customers as quick reference tools. Not only do they visually reinforce the brand, these materials are an invaluable resource for the customers and add tremendous value to the relationship.

Good brands come alive through actions.

We created posters that are displayed at each of the 40 locations. The posters feature the brand vision and value statements and are part of an employee awareness program designed to encourage every employee to make the brand come alive through their behavior.