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These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

A special place where people connect with nature and each other.

A short drive outside of Santiago, nestled in the hills at the edge of the Andes, you will find a world class resort located in a natural wonderland. We were hired to craft the brand strategy, develop the name and design a comprehensive identity program for this extraordinary destination. We were also the lead architects for the project — which gave us the amazing opportunity to create a completely integrated experience. We started the project by clarifying the brand’s ultimate purpose and settled on the idea that it is to bring people and nature together in a unique harmonious setting rich in natural beauty — leading to personal growth and discovery.

Antawaya: A name inspired by the native culture.

The name Antawaya was inspired by the native cultures that once lived in the region. Antawaya means “River of Copper”, a reference to the fact that the resort is located at the intersection of two rivers in an area rich in copper. The identity design for Antawaya is based on human figures creating a tree — representing teamwork, nature and growth — perfectly capturing the spirit of the resort in one simple, yet powerfully meaningful and memorable symbol.

Dwellings that pay homage to nature and tradition.

The architecture for Antawaya is designed to be in complete harmony with the environment, and is inspired by the semi-permanent dwellings used by the ancient tribes that once populated the area. The resort includes meeting facilities that are built with wood from the region — while the sleeping quarters are modern interpretations of the tents used a long time ago by the local residents. The architecture is respectful of the environment while offering all the comfort and modern amenities one would expect from a world class resort.

The visual style is simple and clean.

When developing the visual style for Antawaya, we steered away from a lot of color. Instead, we opted for a more subtle palette and used black and white photography of the amazing landscape. We felt that this more subtle approach would convey a feeling of calm and elegance, in keeping with the brand’s values about simplicity.

A comprehensive branding program.

We were happy to have had a chance to influence almost every detail of the Antawaya experience. Liquid had the opportunity to design virtually all brand touchpoints — from the marketing materials to the architecture, including such components as the uniforms and the vehicle graphics.