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Here are our latest success stories.

These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

Bytemobile: A dynamic visual style for a brand in motion.

The explosion of video and other web content consumed on mobile platforms has fueled Bytemobile’s stratospheric growth. The company is known as a leading provider of innovative solutions that enable mobile operators to optimize their networks and improve service delivery. However as the company grew, the company’s brand did not reflect its reputation, and management realized that it needed an upgrade. To do this, they hired Liquid and asked us to evolve the brand’s visual style, but with one caveat: The logo could not be all. This limitation made the project a little more difficult, however, we embraced the challenge with gusto and did not touch the logo, instead we used it as our inspiration and managed to deliver a vibrant brand language filled with new possibilities.

The solution was right in front of us.

The Bytemobile icon is a rectangle made up of triangular shapes. We deconstructed the shape and focused on the triangles, which reminded us of arrows. Suddenly the solution became obvious and we decided to use these “dynamic arrows” as the basis for the new visual style. By appropriating the existing shapes we addressed the client’s desire to arrive at a solution that felt like an evolution of the current brand identity. At the same time, the new visual style is exceptionally energetic and the Bytemobile brand the kind of vitality that one would expect from such an innovative company. In other words, we completely transformed the brand’s visual style while not altering the logo.

A dynamic visual style with unlimited flexibility.

The arrows became a dynamic symbol for data transfer, for speed, and for mobility. They became an immediately recognizable and ownable visual style, but also a system that allowed us to reinforce some important ideas about the value proposition of the brand – communicating that Bytemobile is a fast growing brand focused on mobile solutions. Whether used to create a background pattern, a frame, or a iconic “data-stream”, the dynamic arrows provided us with an extremely flexible solution that could be adapted to a myriad of applications.

A system that works on static as well as motion graphics deliverables.

As part of the assignment, we helped identify some basic photography assets, and developed examples of how the dynamic arrows could be used to create consistency while allowing for diversity. The photographic examples included environmental photography, conceptual images, as well as more product photography – offering solutions that could be used in static deliverables and could be just as easily apply to video or motion graphics projects. Additionally, we also made suggestions for how the visual style could become a bold product identity element.

The new marketing tools are more effective and much easier on the eyes.

Once we had developed the visual language, we started applying it to some of the company’s key marketing tools. We evaluated what tools the sales team used most, and as a result we focused on a PowerPoint template. Although not glamorous, a good PowerPoint template can make the difference between a compelling and effective presentation and one that leaves the audience less than impressed. At the end, we developed customizable templates that were professional and sophisticated – while also being easy to use by people who are not trained designers.

The trick with templates is not to have them kill creativity.

As part of the visual style exercise we explored how the new visuals and the graphical elements could be incorporated into layouts for literature that ranges from high-level sales brochures to very functional datasheets. Again, we found that the system we had designed offered unlimited flexibility. Thanks to the new branding, external marketing agencies and Bytemobile’s internal design teams have the ability to create solutions that are creative while also being consistent.

A nicely branded environment is a great way to inspire employees – as well as visitors.

There are plenty of studies suggesting that a clean and interesting work environment has the potential to inspire employees and influence performance as well as retention. So, we explored how the brand could be extended to office environments and found that the pattern became an easy and very attractive way to embellish walls and other surfaces – giving almost any office environment a much more customized feel. We firmly believe that by manifesting the brand in an interesting way throughout the workspace it will be perceived positively by visitors and employees alike.