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Here are our latest success stories.

These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

CareerBliss proves that you should be happy at work.

A fun idea needs a fun logo. CareerBliss is a new company with a very distinctive approach. Unlike other job search sites where people look for work and measure their options based on compensation packages, benefit plans and career paths, CareerBliss invites people to look at their employment options based on how happy they might be working at that particular company. This idea is fun and unique...and it immediately put a smile on our face. However, the company’s brand identity did not.

Crowd-sourcing does not always yield amazing results.

The design solution for the brand identity that the company had developed prior to engaging Liquid did not convey the emotional impact of the brand, did not help tell the CareerBliss story, and – quite frankly – was not executed with the quality one should associate with an amazing brand. It was obvious that in order to be successful CareerBliss needed a brand makeover, and since the company was about to launch the it needed it quickly. It’s worth noting that CareerBliss realized the logo it had developed internally was not adequate, and attempted crowd-sourcing to arrive at a better solution. Unfortunately, this effort resulted in a lot of logos – yet none of them connect to their brand personality or identity in a meaningful way – and many were simply not very well executed.

It's always better to have a strategy.

After reading "ZAG", Marty Neumeier's best selling book on the need to differentiate, CareerBliss engaged Liquid to initiate a formal brand development process that included crafting a brand strategy, designing a brand identity, and helping craft a branded website experience. We were delighted to work with such a great concept and a very nice group of people, and initiated the assignment by conducting a workshop that helped us articulate the brand’s strategic approach. This was crucial, of course, to developing a design solution that would capture the spirit of the brand.

Simple is not always easy...but in this case it seems effortless.

Once a strategy is in place and the management team nods in agreement, developing a design solution that captures the idea in a compelling manner is quite a bit easier. That said, it still requires a good dose of talent and creativity...and perhaps a little bit of luck. At the end, the solution could not have been simpler...or better received by the client. The logo is a combination of two simple concepts: "work" and "happiness". "Work" is represented by a file folder – which is an ubiquitous item found in virtually any work setting worldwide; while "Happiness" is represented by a smiling face. Really, the idea and the identity could not be simpler...yet it could not do the job better. And, we give a lot of credit to the folks at Career Bliss for recognizing that in its simplicity, this identity captures the essence of their brand in an amazingly clear and intuitive manner.

Developing a brand identity includes a flexible visual language.

In the process of developing the logo we also realized that it offered us the opportunity to express a variety of feelings – from miserable to blissful by simply changing the expression on the folder. This enabled us to develop variations that are used on the website as part of the tools that allow people to rate their levels of satisfaction in the workplace – making the experience on the site more fun while developing a unique branded language that would be associated exclusively with CareerBliss. The visual language is also flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of applications...from widgets and advertising to environments and promotional items.

The online experience is the brand experience.

Given the online nature of the business, CareerBliss’ customer experience is centered on their website. The work that was begun with the brand identity continued as we helped develop a website designed that allowed people to express their feelings about their work life. We believe that the best brand experiences are not simply about a consistent visual style, but about interactions that capture the essence and qualities of the brand. That is why the website includes a tool that helps people rate what makes them truly happy at work..and in the process understand how CareerBliss is different from any other job search site. This ultimately helps people connect with the brand in a meaningful way – which results in building not only differentiation but also preference and loyalty.