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Here are our latest success stories.

These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

Demandtec gets a smart brand refresh.

DemandTec makes software that helps manufacturers and retailers predict consumer demand and develop strategies for pricing and promotions. The company's customers have included Best Buy, Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Office Depot. However, as this publicly traded company continued to grow it realized that there was a gap between the sophistication of its services and the way that the brand was perceived by its audiences. After considering a number of potential partners, DemandTec’s marketing team decided to work with Liquid Agency, and hired us to help them transform the company’s brand.

Effective branding should start with a strategic approach.

Before we could revamp the company’s image we needed to understand DemandTec’s existing situation. To this extent, we engaged in a research phase that included interviews with DemandTec executive team, a few sales associates as well as a select group of customers – all of which enabled us to get a better grasp on current perceptions. We also did a competitive landscape analysis which allowed us to pinpoint the core value proposition. Based on the findings from our research we formulated a new brand strategy and a new messaging platform – both of which served to inform the design work that would follow.

Want to make better decisions? Rely on the brand with the better brain.

Great brands can often be summarized in a few words...words that create indelible and differentiating ideas in people’s minds. In the case of DemandTec, the key idea was articulated by two words “Better Brain”. The people and the solutions associated with DemandTec are “smart”, “advanced” and “committed”. The culture at DemandTec is data-driven and highly analytical. And, the company prides itself on providing its clients with accurate and sophisticated insights that allows them to make better decisions. Basically, this is just what you would expect from the brand with the “Better Brain”.

The DemandTec brand language incorporates elements of retail, science, and data.

Liquid created a brand “look book” for DemandTec that provides comprehensive guidelines and an overview of the brand assets, such as typography, color palettes, photography, patterns, etc. Thanks to a series of interchangeable design elements that can be layered over photography, we created a system that makes it easy to create and perpetuate the brand’s unique visual style – setting them apart from the competition.

Welcome to DemandTec’s newly branded headquarters.

As part of the comprehensive rebranding, Liquid was hired to transform the company’s headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area into a branded environment that would impress visitors and engage employees. Given that there was no budget for architectural statements, we focused on some of the most important common areas and leveraged our library of images to enliven what were previously very drab walls with oversized graphics that tell the DemandTec story and create a much more interesting backdrop for work activities.

Marketing literature for those who like a nice a brochure.

Although DemandTec is a very progressive company where employees are encouraged to use digital means of communication, the sales force still uses printed literature to share information with customers and prospects. We designed a very compelling brochure that presents an overview of the company, it’s history, it’s philosophy and it’s solutions. Ultimately the brochure is supplemented by the website where people that want to learn more about DemandTec have access to a great deal of current and pertinent information about the company and what they have to offer their clients.

DemandTec’s website has a new look.

Let’s face it, the web is where most of us go to find out more information about companies and their products. DemandTec quickly updated its website to reflect the new visual style. The images we created are used throughout the entire site, resulting in a branded experience that is not only engaging but also completely on brand.

A short video is smarter than a long brochure.

Obviously it is much easier to sit through a three minute video than to read a 12 page brochure...and that’s one of the reasons that video is emerging as one of the preferred means of communication. Besides, just like going to the movies, video can be not only entertaining, but can also be emotional, persuasive and inspiring. That’s why we created a video to communicate why the DemandTec brand is the favorite brand among retailers and manufacturers who want to make the best possible decisions in terms of pricing and promotions.