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Brand extensions that capture the diverse and unique qualities of the Jeep brand.

Liquid worked closely with The Licensing Company to define and develop a brand architecture for Jeep branded products that captured the diverse qualities of the Jeep brand, and would create opportunities for branded product development in categories ranging from apparel to consumer electronics. Ultimately we settled on four sub-brands, each designed to appeal to a different market segment, and we developed visual styles as well as templates for packaging systems and traditional as well as digital marketing tools.

The Jeep legacy.

Embedded in more than half a century of American culture, the Jeep brand is recognized the world over for its legacy as a maker of all-terrain vehicles. Since 1941, the Jeep brand has symbolized freedom, adventure and a passion for the great outdoors. At the start of this assignment we researched Jeep's heritage and brand promise, and from these insights we developed a model that allowed us to focus on different aspects of the brand, allowing us to create sub-brands that are connected to the master brand, yet are relevant to audiences that included people who are outdoor enthusiasts as well as suburban families who may use the vehicles to take their kids to soccer practice.

Brand Architecture / Strategy.

Brand architecture is the process of establishing brand relationships designed to address the competitive realities of the marketplace and the audience segmentation. In the case of Jeep, we developed four sub-brands which are related to — and differentiated from — one another, recreating and reinforcing the promise of the Jeep brand.

Jeep Basic: The rugged side of Jeep.

The Jeep Basic brand leverages the current Jeep logo and introduces a new color palette based on the color yellow. Yellow was carefully selected as a complementary color to the traditional Jeep green color most often associated with the brand. Yellow was selected because of its connotations with industrial strength and functionality (which is an important association for Jeep), and because it references the sunshine that comes with the great outdoors. The rest of the design language is centered around the concept of simplicity and functionality, combined with imagery that captures the beauty and ruggedness of outdoor adventures.

Jeep Spirit: The nostalgic side of Jeep

The Jeep Spirit sub-brand extension is designed to appeal to a younger audience who enjoys the outdoor, but but may not necessarily seek the thrill of adventure. This audience is fashion conscious and has a nostalgic connection with the Jeep's brand proudly American heritage. The broad portfolio of outdoor inspired fashion apparel and accessories features a collection of diverse marks that have a vintage quality that communicates Jeep's rich heritage and authenticity.

Jeep JXP: A brand extension focused on performance.

The JXP brand is the home of Jeep's extreme performance products. This extension targets adventurous outdoor enthusiasts that aggressively seek out the most extreme challenges that the great outdoors has to offer. It features a portfolio of products that focus on high-performance technical equipment from apparel to technical climbing. JXP stands for Jeep Extreme Performance and the visual identity has a very technical style that blends the aesthetics of automotive marks with letterforms that express engineered precision and performance.

J is for Jeep: This one is for the young ones.

Targeting new moms, the "J is for Jeep" brand features products and apparel made for newborns through toddlers. Inspired by the remarkable fact that Jeep is the only brand that is used in traditional alphabet books (J is for Jeep), leverages the idea of storytelling and connects the love of the great outdoor with stories about adventures where a Jeep takes fantastic trips across deserts, jungles and other natural landscapes. The apparel lines and products feature juvenile imagery and patterns featuring animals, plants and whimsical illustrations of Jeep vehicles.

A complete set of guidelines for each brand extension.

In order to ensure that the brands were applied to the apparel, hard goods and gift items in a consistent and brand-centric manner, we developed a set of detailed guidelines that provide ample information on how to use the assets for each of the brand extensions. The guidelines included guidance on how to apply the identity system to products as well as the packaging and marketing materials necessary to promote the brands.