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These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

Liquid helps a Silicon Valley pioneer launch its new brand.

After LSI Logic merged with Agere, and became a $3.5 billion global leader, they asked us to develop and launch a completely new brand for the new company.

LSI Logic + Agere.

LSI Logic was a company with 4,000 employees. Agere employed over 5,000 people. Combined, the two companies have a combined revenue of over $3.5 billion and operate in 20 countries. The new LSI is a leader in silicon-to-systems solutions for storage, networking and consumer markets. The company asked us to help them develop - not just a new logo - but a new comprehensive brand identity system.

The Story.

While developing the brand strategy, it became apparent that the company's commitment to changing the way that people create, share and store information, and the loyal partnerships that LSI creates with its customers was key to the brand essence. Ultimately, LSI is a catalyst for change. It is the magical ingredient that makes dreams become real. The new LSI is the spark of innovation.

The Logo.

In the process of designing the new logo we explored many different approaches...each focusing on key aspects of the brand. We evaluated each with the client and considered the strategic, functional and aesthetic implications of each design. Ultimately we arrived at a solution that everyone agreed was the best way for us to represent the brand, and the new LSI logo was born.

The Brand Identity.

The logo is based on the idea behind the brand. Literally, it is designed to have a spark as the centerpiece of the design. When you squint it actually seems to glow! And when we put it together with other elements, such as the “unofficial” tagline, the imagery and some of the other elements we created to give the visual style its, then we’re proud to say we’ve created a true brand identity.


In order to help any global company manage the brand, you need a good set of guidelines. The ones we’ve created for LSI are a good reference tool for what to do and what not to do with the logo, the color palette, the typography, etc. This document was executed as a PDF… and we’re currently exploring ways to translate it into a complete online solution that will enable LSI to better manage its brand assets.

Business system.

The business system we designed for LSI is minimalist, modern, and quite simple. Yet, thanks to a few design elements, it reinforces the idea that innovation is very serious business at the new LSI.


As soon as the logo changes, most everything that features the old symbol becomes obsolete. However, nothing is more obvious than the sign outside of the building. Having gone through this before, LSI’s management selected Monigle Associates to make sure that new signs were deployed in all major geos on the day of the launch. Monigle designed a complete signage system that leveraged the logo and color palette.


On the day of the merger every employee found this poster at their desk. When they opened it they discovered that the two companies shared similar histories and common goals. And, as they learned about each other they started to build a new corporate culture, just as the poster celebrated the new LSI.


This corporate brochure is square in format, and a little smaller than usual. Yet, its diminutive size does not take away from its impact. Its pages feature images that celebrate human achievement and technology innovation, next to photos that capture people working at the new LSI. The result is an inspiring bit of story telling.


Developing the new site meant working collaboratively with the LSI team for a couple of months prior to the launch. We coordinated technology issues and design issues, making sure that the user experience was as friendly and polished as the rest of the materials. A few sleepless nights went into this part of the assignment, however we’re proud to say that we were able to launch the site on the same day that we unveiled the new identity, much to the surprise and the delight of employees, shareholders, analysts and the press - all of whom flocked to the site immediately after it was launched.


At the same time as we developed a completely new digital experience for customers, we also launched an entirely new intranet for employees.


Before we started designing the packaging system, we took a good look at how the product architecture was organized. We evaluated the distribution channel, and we asked a lot of questions about the production process. Ultimately, we were able to simplify the packaging system, reducing the packaging SKUs from 60 to 12 - which is going to save the company many thousands of dollars. In the process, we also designed a much better looking set of boxes.

Advertising: Billboard.

To build awareness and create buzz, we developed an advertising campaign that was launched in major urban centers worldwide. The media buys included billboards, magazines, newspapers and lots of online ads.

Advertising: Newsprint.

The campaign looked great in color, but we were happy that it also worked very well in black and white.

Advertising: Online.

One of the aspects of this solution that we enjoyed was the fact that the concept translated exceptionally well in multiple languages, making the campaign a hit across all the geos.

Launch Video.

We developed a short brand video to capture the key brand messages and help create excitement for the new brand. The video was played during the launch event, and is being re-used as an opener for presentations, as a video loop in corporate lobbies, and can also be downloaded from the LSI website. See the video!

Promotional items.

For the launch, the identity was applied to a number of promotional items, including the ubiquitous t-shirt, the classic coffee mug, and the traditional baseball cap. Although these may not feel like globalitems, we were pleased to hear that employees as far as Singapore and Milan enjoyed the new identity.


The day of the launch, employees drove up to work and were greeted with the new logo. Monigle Associates developed a clever signage system that minimizes the shadows created by the dimensional symbol.

Launch event.

The day of the event a telecast allowed thousands of employees across the globe to participate in the celebration - and the day culminated with the ringing of the closing bell on Wall Street - signaling a new era for the new LSI, and introducing the brand to a global audience.