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Here are our latest success stories.

These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft taps Liquid for a major retail launch. When Microsoft was ready to launch the much awaited Office for Mac 2011, the software giant knew it could count on Liquid to deliver a comprehensive and effective retail marketing campaign. Liquid was part of a larger team that included different agencies handling a variety of components, including: The online materials; the above the line advertising campaign; and the packaging system.

A collaborative approach.

A launch of this magnitude requires the effort of many people and several agencies. To Microsoft’s credit, the company facilitated a very collaborative approach and made sure that the various agencies had an opportunity to meet early and understand how they could play a role in the launch program. Our responsibilities centered around the retail branding component. Liquid Agency has a substantial amount of experience working on retail merchandising campaigns worldwide, and we have worked on previous Office for Mac launches, so we are quite familiar with the complexity of the project and the deliverables that are required. The first part of the project that was completed was the packaging – which features a new set of icons developed specifically for the new version of the product. We used the icons and the box as a starting point for the concept – and we worked alongside the other agencies to explore a variety of approaches for how to communicate the core value proposition in an

It all starts with setting some ideas free.

Every agency came to the table with ideas that could be used across the various launch marketing components – from advertising and events to retail. Ultimately, the headline that Liquid suggested for use at retail ended up being the one that was used across the entire launch campaign: “Set your ideas free”. This of course, was cause for much celebration at Liquid. While the line “Set your ideas free” was inspired by the packaging design, it also highlights the product’s most important competitive advantage – the fact that no other productivity software allows Mac users to share their ideas as freely as Office for Mac. The message challenges preconceptions about Microsoft’s Office products – and invites people to imagine how Office for Mac could empower them to be more creative, more productive and more efficient. It is a liberating message that supports the visual design of the box – and gets people to think of Office in a new and more positive light.

When designing for a global audience, less is more.

Having worked on many global branding campaigns, Liquid is very familiar with the challenges of designing solutions that are scalable across geographies. We explored a variety of options and finally decided to keep things very simple and make the packaging the hero of the campaign. We opted for a neutral color palette would enable the products and the icons to show up nicely...and having the icons extend beyond the boxes helped support the "Set your ideas free" concept. The solution is elegant and sophisticated, while also being very friendly and accessible – qualities that aligned well with the brand's pillars.

A comprehensive set of deliverables.

Liquid designed and produced final templates for all of the many items in the merchandising program. The campaign assets were assembled into a comprehensive Retail Toolkit, that would help retailers populate stores across the world with the campaign materials. The long list of deliverables included a great variety of components ranging from semi-permanent merchandising displays systems to take-away brochures. We also designed a few materials to help create buzz with retailers, including the ubiquitous t-shirts.

Pop-up stores can be a great way to create unique retail experiences... and buzz.

Of course, not everything we suggested was produced, however, we feel that it is part of our job to propose new ideas and approaches. For example, we suggested building out a few pop-up stores that could be positioned near Apple stores in key cities across the country. These pop-up stores would be designed using cargo containers, and they would be dropped off from trailers and exist for a limited amount of time - helping to create buzz because of their locations and their design, their brand personality in a meaningful way.

Mobile technology and social media are two powerful retail branding forces.

We also suggested the use of mobile technology to provide consumers with deeper information about the features and benefits of the new Office for Mac. If executed well, the information would be forwarded to networks of friends using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – thus facilitating the buzz and building into the campaign a social media viral component.