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Here are our latest success stories.

These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

Nike: The Advantage Within

Nike Global PR asked us to develop launch materials to promote the release of the Nike 2011 Hyperfuse and Hyperdunk, and provide the media with the intangible insights into how premier athletes take their game to the highest level. What truly gives these players a competitive advantage? We delivered a custom physical kit as well as an extensible microsite.

More than the shoes.

We needed to do more that just show the shoes that will help you get it done. We wanted to honor the athletes. The training. The mental edge. The gear. The advantage within that takes their game to the highest level.

We created a custom book that was sent to the media.

Key influencers and media reps were sent a book which dives into the question of what it is that gives an athlete that advantage. Through insights into the preparations of Rajon Rondo and Blake Griffin we were able to give the media something they can’t get anywhere else.

The book explored the idea of layers of preparation.

In the design we reinforced and explored the idea that an athletes advantage comes in layers—of gear, mental preparation and physical preparation though a dimensional cover and page cutouts revealing key words and emphasizing features throughout the book.

Each product benefit was highlighted.

Product benefits relate directly to each players game. The Hyperdunk is about strength and lightness, and is for a post game. The Hyperfuse is about breathability and lightness, and delivers precision control and quickness.

From print to web: a complete solution.

The book drives media to a microsite where we created a modular system of pieces knowing that more assets and info would need to be sprinkled in throughout the summer. Creating this flexibility we were able to deliver a dynamic experience upfront that still has the value of being easily updatable throughout the campaign. This created a desirable destination for key inflluencers, and a broader secondary audience of sportswriters around the world to receive information.