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Here are our latest success stories.

These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

We launch the biggest brand in memory.

Liquid was hired to develop the brand identity and launch campaign for the biggest brand in the memory industry: Numonyx. This “start up” was formed when Intel and ST Micro merged their memory units and formed the world’s largest company dedicated to memory products. The project included a wide variety of deliverables, making it one of the most comprehensive branding assignments we’ve ever undertaken.


Over the course of four months, we worked with the marketing team at Numonyx to develop all the brand identity materials, the visual style and the guidelines that would help protect the brand worldwide. We also helped design every component of a large scale brand initiative that included the website, the intranet, the corporate literature, a corporate video, and a global advertising campaign. Additionally we also developed all the materials used for the brand launch to employees, including a “brand ambassador program” designed to ensure that every employee understood the significance and impact of the new brand.


The logo design is geometrically precise as a way to connect the brand with a highly sophisticated engineering background - yet it is also dimensional and fluid to convey the idea that Numonyx is a company that adds a new dimension of flexibility to the way that it delivers solutions for its clients. Ultimately, the logo was designed to feel fresh and contemporary - while being an appropriate symbol for a company that is a leader in its industry.

Visual style.

Numonyx wanted to distance the brand from the old way of doing things. In order to communicate the company’s new approach we developed a visual style that includes an unexpected element of whimsy in each image. This marks a definitive departure from the typically unimaginative and straightforward approach of companies in this industry.


The website was a collaborative effort with cross-disciplinary teams working in the US and Europe to develop the website architecture, the content, the visual design and the technology platform with the ultimate goal to create a site that is highly informative as well as eminently easy to navigate (and to maintain).

Brand video.

More and more, progressive companies are realizing that video is an exceptionally effective to communicate in a way that is memorable and engaging. For Numonyx we created a short video that captures the spirit of the brand and communicates the key messages that set Numonyx apart from its competition. The video can be used at the start of presentations and can also be downloaded from the website. As part of this assignment we also developed a logo-build sequence that can be used independently of the brand video as an animated logo signature.

Corporate brochure.

In today’s world the web is by far the most common vehicle to provide information about a brand. That said, a nicely printed brochure is still a great tool to leave with a customer. People still enjoy turning the pages. looking at the visuals and reading a printed piece. Perhaps because we’re in the communications business, but the corporate brochure we designed for Numonyx is one of our favorite components of the branding program.


Developing a brand is one thing - ensuring that the brand is expressed consistently across all touchpoints is another challenge altogether. In order to help Numonyx manage its brand we developed a comprehensive set of guidelines that included Brand Identity Guidelines, Voice Guidelines, Environmental Guidelines, and more. Besides making sure the the logo was reproduced properly, these guildlines provided marketing teams worldwide with a clear reference point from which to deliver a wide range of projects while reinforcing the brand in meaningful experiential ways.

Global advertising.

As part of the launch program, Liquid crafted a global advertising campaign to reach worldwide audiences and introduce Numonyx as a company with a single minded focus on memory.

A few comments from our client.

Working with the Liquid team has been an amazing experience. Liquid truly became an extension of our corporate marketing team, and lived and breathed every project and deadline with me. From the beginning of the project, it was clear that they understood our vision, and the strategic solutions they provided for Numonyx were entirely on the mark. The entire Liquid team was focused on ensuring our brand launch was carried out in the best of ways, and the amount of input, direction and guidance given was outstanding. Nicki L. Heupel Brand Manager, Corporate Marketing Numonyx