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Here are our latest success stories.

These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

A brand that looks as good as it sounds.

Liquid Agency has worked collaboratively with Olive’s management from the very beginning. As a result the Olive brand has captured the heart of music lovers, and has become a media darling with articles appearing repeatedly in major publications worldwide – from the NY Times to Playboy magazine.

A logo with personality.

When we were asked to design the Olive logo, we purposefully shied away from the obvious cliches that might have been associated with the name. And, although we all enjoy our share of cold martinis, we opted not to explore this as the symbol for the company. Instead, we developed a script solution that captures the smoothness and fluidity of the sound one can expect from an Olive system. The script is also a more human expression of the name – which seems appropriate since music itself is of such a highly personal nature. The resulting logotype is friendly, accessible and fluid – yet also precise in its execution – qualities that are perfectly suited to the brand.

A strategic approach.

Our role at Olive is that of brand stewards for the company. In this role we help develop not only the design solutions, but also the strategic direction for the brand. We have spent many hours discussing the need for the brand to be based on something that is meaningful and relevant. And we believe firmly that once the brand becomes part of the value system for the company, the opportunity for the brand to come true in the company’s products and services is much more sustainable. At Olive, there is a true commitment to the combination of “quality” and “convenience”. These two ideals drive everything that the company does...from product design and execution to the development of its distribution channels...or the selection of partners across the globe.

A definite point of view.

The folks at Olive are on a mission. They believe that people should not need to compromise the quality of their music experience in order to enjoy the convenience of digital technology. They are passionate about music and sound quality...and about the desire to create a superior music experience as a whole. This has driven the approach we’ve taken the advertising campaigns, and has given us the freedom to express our messaging clearly and with plenty of personality. The result is that we unapologetically stand for something...and in today’s world that is not what many companies do. After all, how many companies (other than manufactures of vacuum cleaners) use the word “suck” in their ads?

A website that sells.

Today the company sells the majority of its products through resellers in countries across the world...except in the US – where Olive sells its products almost exclusively through its website. The Olive site has to work pretty hard. It needs to present the products, explain what they do and how they are different from each other (and from anything else that is out there)...and ultimately it needs to enable people to purchase their new systems with ease...and confidence. We’re happy to report that sales of Olive’s products continue to rise every year...and that is music to our ears.

What a nice package!

Olive cares about design and also about the we helped them design a product packaging solution that uses completely recycled (and recyclable) material. The packaging is made of corrugated cardboard, and has been engineered to use the least possible amount of materials – yet it protects the product ensuring it does not get damaged during shipping. In fact, we have not heard of any products that have arrived damaged in any way.

Point of purchase display.

We designed a super simple retail merchandising solution that allows the product to be displayed on a store shelf in a very simple manner, while showcasing some of the coolest features of the product design. The minimalist solution elevates the product at an angle, allowing the touch screen on the front panel of the product to be prominently displayed. We were careful not to do anything that competes or detracts from the elegant industrial design of the systems, yet provides customers with useful information about a product that looks simple, yet can do so much.

Yes. We also designed some shirts.

Olive’s customers are passionate about the brand...and about music. And there is practically no better way for them to express their feelings than through a series of t-shirts. The t-shirts were originally created as promotional items, and often included as a gift with a new system..but they have been so popular that Olive is thinking about selling them on the website.

Liquid does industrial design?

Absolutely! Although it is not something that we do for many clients, we’ve had the opportunity to work on the industrial design of most of Olive’s products. Of course, we can’t take any credit for the engineering magic that happens inside of Olive’s systems...and yields such beautiful music – but we ‘re very proud to have played an integral role in what the outside of the systems look like. We worked closely with Olive’s management and developed an industrial language that has evolved from product to product...yet it is also clearly recognizable for some of its distinctive qualities and design details.

Our first industrial design award.

The Olive 4HD received a coveted Finalist Award in the IDEA (Internationa Design Excellence Award) competition – which is considered one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. Out of 1631 entries from countries all over the world, the jury selected 349 finalists. Although we did not walk away with the top honors, we’re super excited about making the finalist list. After all, this is the very first time we’ve entered an industrial design competition…and the IDEA program is probably the toughest one in the world – so, being a finalist is something to brag about, especially when you consider that we were competing with companies like Samsung, Apple and HP

We designed the system interface.

Working collaboratively with Olive’s engineering and user experience teams, we helped design the product’s interface. We created a series of screens that are highly intuitive, easy to read and easy to use – and that take advantage of the touch screen technology – making it a pleasure to find and play the music you really want to hear.

Of course it works on an iPhone!

In an effort to ensure that the technology is as convenient as possible, the interface is also available for the iPhone, turning your phone into a remote control device...making it possible to find the music you want to hear that much easier.