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These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

This online consumer brand is ready for prime time.

Plastic Jungle is poised to take advantage of the growing giftcard marketplace with a site where people can buy, sell or trade giftcards. After all, how many do you have stashed away in your drawers that will never be used? The idea is great, but the brand execution was not. Realizing that they could improve their image and prospects for success, Plastic Jungle hired Liquid to develop a Brand Platform, a new Brand Identity, and a new Website. Now, they no longer look like a children’s game site, and they’re ready for the big time.

The "before".

From a design perspective, the logo and website that were in place before we got involved were not horrible. In fact the logo was well executed and had a friendly and playful look, and so did the website. Both clearly leveraged the name and the idea of a “jungle”, replete with monkeys. However, this visual style might have been more appropriate for a brand aimed at children - and that’s not the audience for Plastic Jungle. Also, the site “looked friendly”, but in reality it was hard to navigate and burdensome to use. So, we rolled our sleeves and crafted a Brand Platform that defines the essence of the brand. We came up with the idea of “transformation”. This was relevant to giftcard holders that wanted to buy, sell or trade their cards - and to retailers that wanted to “transform” the giftcard assets into cash. Armed with the new Brand Platform and the profile of their primary customers (“soccer moms” and “college students”) we were ready to develop a new,

Logo development.

At our initial presentation we explored a great number of alternatives. Each was different than the rest - yet each was designed to communicate the image of a more sophisticated yet mainstream audience. We imagined that we were an extension of Target, and wanted to design a solution that was simple, memorable and meaningful. Above are a few of the versions we explored as we refined the final design.

Final design.

After a couple of rounds we focused our efforts on a logo depicting a butterfly...whose wings, upon closer inspection, resemble giftcards. This is a subtle touch...but most importantly the logo retained the friendly and approachable qualities of the previous logo - yet is substantially more grown up and elegant. It’s not always easy to strike the balance between friendly and sophisticated, but we feel that this logo does it well. We also provided Plastic Jungle with a complete business system that included presentation folders, stationery, business cards, mailing labels and the ubiquitous PowerPoint template.

Visual Style.

The butterfly logo created the opportunity to embellish photographs with images of butterflies, creating a whimsical and distinctive visual style that is dynamic, approachable and unexpected. Besides, it is an extremely flexible and easy way to add a branding element to virtually any photo.


We worked closely with Plastic Jungle to re-engineer the site in order to provide a better customer experience. We identified areas for improvement and focused on ways to organize the information to make it easier for people to either buy, sell or trade cards. At the same time we made sure that the site connected visually with our target audience and that the key messages were communicated quickly and clearly.

Happy client.

We pride ourselves in listening to our clients, and helping them achieve their goals. On top of that, it is particularly rewarding when clients appreciate what we do and enjoy working with us. It is a pleasure to work with Plastic Jungle. They’re open to new ideas and are very focused on building a business that delivers on its brand promise. We’re very excited about the work we’ve been doing with them and wish them continued success as they transform the giftcard industry.