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Tunerfish: Where social media meets TV.

Tunerfish is a new social media app that lets users share what they’re watching on TV with their friends, enabling people to discover new shows and see what’s popular on the tube. Comcast launched Tunerfish as a way to participate actively in the social conversation, and Liquid Agency was hired to develop the new company’s brand identity.

There is something fishy about this identity.

After discussing the concept with Tunerfish’s management we agreed that the concept would be best represented by an identity with lots of “personality”. The name lent itself to a brand identity based on a “fish” so we started sketching out a variety of fish-inspired logo designs. One of the things we liked about the “fish” concept is that fish travel in “schools”, and that the idea of a social community where people “follow” others as they navigate through TV programs seem to have some obvious parallels.

A logo with more than one personality.

After exploring many different variations, we finally settled on a design that is simple and clean, yet also friendly and playful. According to our client, the Tunerfish character is downright quirky – and that’s exactly what he had hoped for. However, the real breakthrough came when we decided to “dress up” the little “Tunerfish” in clothes that represented the types of shows that someone might be watching. Holding on to a martini glass helped represent “Mad Men”, and sporting fangs was perfect for “True Blood”, while a hat and cigar suggested the gangsters from “Boardwalk Empire”. These icons become part of the reward ecosystem by which you get recognized for being a fan…or an influencer – and help imbue Tunerfish with lots of personality.

This brand has attitude. Plenty of it.

Besides the way it looks, the quirky personality of the brand comes through Tunerfish’s use of language. For example, at the bottom of a web page, the Tunerfish logo will make cameo appearances in a variety of disguises, adding a humorous touch to the brand – such as the version that holds onto a martini glass while introducing himself by adapting a famous line from the 007 movies: “The name is Pond. James Pond”. We also love the way that the website proudly recognizes the Silicon Valley provenance of the brand by saying “Hatched in Mountain View, California”.

We love the Tunerfish app.

The Tunerfish iPhone app extends the brand’s personality and visual style to mobile users. We are particularly fond of the award icons, and one of our favorites is the “Trubie” – which is an award that you receive for checking in while watching the premiere of True Blood.

Some logos are cute. Tunerfish is cuddly.

When we designed the identity for this brand we treated it as a character from a TV show, and we enjoyed exploring the different ways that the identity could be executed on items that ranged from t-shirts to mugs. However, our favorite application was the Tunerfish “plushie”. When our designers started working on this they imagined holding an oversized one while sitting in front of the TV watching one of their favorite shows. There aren’t many logos you’d want to cuddle with, but Tunerfish is definitely one of them.

...and the ADDY winner is....Tunerfish!

We’re happy to report that we’re not the only ones that like the Tunerfish logo. In fact, the Tunerfish identity was awarded a Silver ADDY at the 2011 Bay Area regional competition, making it one of the best designed logos from Silicon Valley. The identity development was driven from our office in San Jose, but became the result of a collaborative effort with our partners in Santiago, Chile – so we’d like to thank them for their contribution to this very successful branding assignment. Muchas gracias, companeros!