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These case studies outline the objectives, process and solutions we’ve developed for some of our favorite projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please send us a note. We've done a lot of stuff we’re not allowed to publish on this website.

The organization focused on art on the edge gets an edgy new brand identity.

ZER01 is an organization dedicated to inspiring culture on the edge of art and technology. They’re the folks behind 01SJ, the cultural event that brings the world’s most innovative artists to San Jose every other year. We’re very happy to have had the chance to develop a new brand identity and new brand architecture for such an exciting organization.

Previous identity.

One of the biggest challenges with the identity that had been created prior to our involvement is that it did not help create differentiation between the organization and the event. The terms "01", "Zero1", "01SJ", "ZeroOne San Jose" were sometimes used to describe the organization and at other times to describe the event. This created a great deal of confusion for everyone - the press, the public, and even the organization itself. Additionally, the visual style was not reflective of "art on the edge", instead it had a retro-quality often associated with Woodstock era graphics.Get a better look. Download a PDF.

Brand Identity.

During our discussion with the client about the nature of the organization, we arrived at the idea that "art on the edge" could be described as "art that blurs the boundaries between art and technology". This idea became the foundation that inspired our visual solution. We opted for a design that was purely typographical in order not to compete with the visuals that would be used to promote the event and represent the nature of the art at the festival. We spelled out "ZER01" using a combination of letters and digits to suggest the blending of 'expression and technology" as represented by letters and numbers. Additionally we intentionally "blurred" the "01" to represent the idea that "art" is not always clear - and that the art associated with this event is intended to make the audience and participants question the nature of the experience.Get a better look. Download a PDF.

Brand Architecture.

In order to create clear differentiation between the two identities yet a clear connection, we developed a typographical solution that shared the "01" treatment and similar typography. As a standard, we suggested that the organization's name (ZER01) should always be spelled out, while we used the acronym for San Jose, when referencing the festival (01SJ). Additionally we also suggested that a clarifying sentence be used whenever possible that articulated the hierarchy between the two. For example, at right is how we suggested the sentence should appear on the back of the business cards for ZER01 employees. This helps communicate the relationship between the two brands, thus defining the brand architecture.Get a better look. Download a PDF.

Corporate Literature.

During our initial interviews with the client we were told that the previous collateral seemed too corporate. ZER01 audiences do include potential corporate sponsors and donors, the press, but they also include very diverse independent artists. In order to communicate the dynamic and creative nature of the organization to such a diverse set of audiences we had to strike a balance between a design that conveyed the sense of a credible organization, yet one that is also dynamic and creative. In order to accomplish this, we selected vibrant, bold colors that are not commonly used in corporate materials, and we maximized the size of the graphics. The result is quite striking, yet the presentation is still very clean and simple, conveying a streamlined organization.Get a better look. Download a PDF.

Event Marketing.

One of the first pieces we created for ZER01 was an invitation to the unveiling of "Abundance" a public artwork by Camile Auerback that was projected on the San Jose City Hall Rotunda. This event was a preview for 01SJ 2008, and was attended by civic leaders, the press, and art lovers from all over the Bay Area.Get a better look. Download a PDF.